Introduction: Old Car Tire Stool/Chair/Table

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Hello and Good day my name is rich and in this tutorial i will be teaching you how to transform an old car tire into a stool / chair / coffee table etc. The tools we will be needing for this tutorial are listed bellow;


1. Clipper
2. Hammer

3. Measuring tape

4. Scissors

5. Nails

6. Electric saw

7. Pencil

Step 1: What You Need for This Project

for this project you are going to need;

1. Old car tire with dimensions (165/65/R14) any tire you Choose will work, just follow dimensions

2. I used (1cm) thick board which i cut round, with a diameter of (45cm) round 2 pieces. For Top & Bottom

3. I used (5cm) thick foam which i cut round, with a diameter of (45cm) same has board. For Top

4. I used (1cm) thick, (50cm) wide by (2m) long foam which will be used round the tire, For borders.

5. I used (50cm) wide by (2m) long fabric for the borders round the tire & (65cm) wide by (65cm) long fabric for the Top.

6. For the legs I used (10cm) high & (17cm x 10cm) diameter, for better stability & any design of your choice.

7. For the support I used (16.5cm) long x3 pieces. Any thickness

Step 2: Let’s Build the Puff / Stool / Chair

- Place the Top board on the tire so it fits the way you want and flip it. (see pics above)

- Position the 3 support in a triangular position,

- Mark & number each position so you don't mix when nailing

- Exactly nail each support to the marked areas following the numbers.

Step 3: Building the Top

See pics above

- Cut round the edges of the Top foam so as to get a round smooth edge and place it on the Top board.

- Place the (65cm x 65cm) fabric on the top foam and flip it face down

- Clip all 4 ends of the fabric to the center

- Finish clipping all round

Step 4: Building the Legs

see pic above

- Get the bottom board and legs; nail the legs to the board in 4 different position one by one.

Step 5: Applying the Foam Boarders

see pics above

- Get your (10cm thick, 50cm x 2m) foam & position it on a central position on the tire and start clipping

- Clip the foam all round carefully and cut off the loose end.

Step 6: Applying the Fabric Boarders

see pics above

- Get your (50cm x 2m) fabric & position it on a central position on the tire and start clipping from the right side of the tire

- When the fabric reaches the other end, bend it over and clip it in place.

- Lean the tire on one side so that the side you started clipping on is facing up, & start clipping round.

- Continue clipping round the tire giving little space between the clips.

Step 7: Fitting the Top & Bottom

see pics above

- Grab the top we earlier made & Fit it in the clipped area of the tire, & flip over.

- Bend off the foam and fabric in such a way that you can see the supports clearly.

- Position the bottom board in a central position in such a way that the legs are not blocking you from nailing the board to the support & nailed it in place.

Step 8: Final Step Finishing the Bottom

see pics above

- Clip all loose ends of the fabric & foam towards the bottom center.

- Optionally add any left-over fabric to the bottom to hide the wooden board

- Flip the stool/puff/chair and enjoy your hand work

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