Introduction: Old Card Phone Stand

Welcome to an instruction guide to making a credit card or gift card phone holder. Follow these simple steps and put your unwanted and out of date cards to good use. This phone holder is suitable for most phones but purposely made for iPhones. The tutorial should take no more than 10-15 minutes to make and you will end up with a useful stand. It can be re-flattened and stored in your wallet for further use, so you can pop it up at work, school or in a hotel. Its a handy gadget to keep on you and a quick simple pocket gizmo. 
Thank you for reading and enjoy! 

Step 1: Equipment

You will need:
A card - a disused credit card, a expired gift card or similar types
Pen - a marker or permanent pen
The cut out template - found here...

Step 2: Cut Out Your Template

With the scissors cut out the template as shown above. Try and be as neat as possible, because this will determine how well your phone sits in place. 
Now place this onto your card. 

Step 3: Draw Around the Template

Very carefully draw with the marker around the template onto the card. 
When you have gone all the way around, fold the template in half on the dotted line, and position corner to corner so that you can draw a folding line on your card - reference picture above. 

Step 4: Cut Out Your Stand

Take your scissors and gently cut along the lines - but not your dotted line!
Be slow and gentle as this can be tricky. 
When finished it should look like this...

Step 5: Fold in Half

Now you should have a card ready for the last step. Fold slowly and accurately along the dotted line and flatten closed. 
Now reverse the fold and make it bendable. Now you should have a card that will fit into your wallet or purse, but ail fold into a freestanding phone holder. Voilà. Polish over the card will remove any leftover pen marks, and your stand is complete. 

Thanks for reading and have fun! 
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