Introduction: Old Cd Drive Cool Storage

 Cool storage device, to hold a dvd.

Step 1: Materials

 - You need
- CD drive, from old computer
- Screwdriver
-Soldering Iron
-3 volt battery pack,
-3 volt momentary switch
- Insulated wire

Step 2: Un Screw the Case

 Be careful, and SAVE THE SCREWS. 

Step 3: Locate the Positive and Negative Terminals

 On the circuit board, you will see 2 large solders, which are above what you may be able to see as the motor. This should be towards the front, where the CD comes out. 

Step 4: Re-Melt Solder

 With your soldering iron, re melt the solders, and insert wire into molten solder, one positive and one negative. Make sure that you strip each end BEFORE soldering. Also be sure that your wires are long enough to reach OUTSIDE of the case.

Step 5: Solder the Switch

 Solder one of the leads from the motor, directly onto the battery pack's lead. Making sure that the positive or negative cooresponds to that on the battery pack. IF YOU DO THIS WRONG IT WILL NOT OPEN. TEST TO MAKE SURE WHEN VOLTAGE IS APPLIED, THE TRAY OPENS. Solder the other lead, from the motor onto the switch, and the cooresponding lead from the battery pack to the other terminal on the switch. 

Step 6: Attach the Circuit

 Glue the switch as well as the battery pack to the side of the case as i have shown.

Step 7: Re Assemble

 Re-assemble the drive with the screws from step 2.

Step 8: Enjoy Your New Power Drawer

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