Introduction: Old Computer Power Supply Hack

You may have a power supply that powers desktop computers and is currently unused. Although these are used to power a computer, we still have plenty of other ways to take advantage of them. For example, if you want to use a 12-volt direct current in the right way for something, you can do this with a computer power supply without having to buy a 12-volt power supply from the market. The other thing is computer power supply has the ability to provide lower voltages than 12 volts direct current. Although many people know about this, I thought I would write this post thinking that if there is someone who does not know, it will be useful for them.

The picture shows the power supply I had. Since I am not using a PC and I needed to get 12 volts of direct current, I thought I'd use this to meet that need. I hope this story will benefit you too.

Here is how to remove a power supply from a computer system. You know it has a lot of wires of different colors. These wires can provide different voltages from each other. A description of it is mentioned on the side of the power supply. Below is such a description

From this picture, we can see the voltage across the wires of different colors.

Purple - Volt + 3.3 / Ampere 7

Yellow - Volt + 12 / Ampere 12

Blue - Volt -12 / 0.5 amp

Red - Volt + 5/12 amps

White - 5 volts / 0.5 amps

Purple - Volt + 5 / Ampere 2 (SB - Standby - Power Supply Everything else is idle but the power from this wire is ready, hence the name)

Black - Common

Green - Activation

Gray - PG (PG stands for Power Good) This power is used to signal the computer's motherboard that all voltages supplied by the power supply are in good condition.

After reading this description, you can easily separate the insufficient wires in the power supply in this way.

The green wire is special among these wires. That wire is used to start the power supply. The power supply can be activated by connecting a black wire and a green wire as follows.

Then we can measure the voltages supplied by this using a multimeter.

Once this is set up we have the ability to power at as many voltages as we want