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Introduction: Old Dead Cellphone Remedy

About: Electronics hobbyist and a DIYer and i love doing this stuff.

While i was cleaning the electronic junks i kept.,i found my old Sony Ericsson T630 bought sometine in 2006 for Php 4,000.00 that time.,trying to turn it on,but it wont,remembering i left its battery with 80% power in it,& detached it from the unit,.to keep it healthy,.but forgot it in years!.,my bad.,to think & I know there are plenty of smart phones available today in the market.,But resurrecting a dead old phone is not a bad idea.,specially when that dead phone means a lot to you,and those trapped important images & sentimental messages inside the phones memory cannnot be retrieve by any means because its dead.,So i dont have any skill in repairing phone components,so i just look from the outside of it.& i found the phone's port were full of corrosions..Try to clean it & charge but its hopeless.Buying a new battery will cost but not much,so i think why spent if i can fix it without spending., & that's the project started that only took me 30 mins.

Step 1: Materials Needed

•any type of portable clip batery charger
•USB A Male
•electronic wires
•Soldering Iron 30W
•Soldering Lead
•PowerBank or Charger with USB port
•X-Acto Knife or blade for scraping
•Electrical tape

Step 2: Dismantle Battery Clip Charger

1.Dismantle the Portable clip battery charger & removed the pcb chip inside(the chip inside is for 240-250vAC to 5vdc @300 mah only)

Step 3: Soldering

2.Solder two electronic wire with red & black insulation on each connectors.The metal found on top of the dismantled charger.(note:remember where you solder the red (for positive contact point) & (black for negative contact point)

Step 4: Find USB a Male

3.For the USB A male plug-
i just salvaged it from an old pc camera with busted chips.

Step 5: USB Wirings/color Codes

4."Carefully" scraped the usb male wire to expose its color coded wire,for identifications,which the postive & negative that carries the power needed ,it will pass through it to the battery.,Just get the Blue(for negative) & Red(for positive) the wire that picks the dc current ,and Discard or just cut the remaining wires color coded with White,Orange,Green,Black & the naked wire.You no longer needed those wire,those are for data connections dc supply to power micropone and webcamera.(Since the USB came from a pc camera.,those data wires and dc supply are for audio & video)Test it which one will work just look for Black/Blue for negative and Red/Orange for positive and the rest are for data.
•Note: Using a multi tester would be best for Continuity test.,for some usb male they only consist 4 wires.Just get the red or black if you found 4 wires in it.See image for some tips.

Step 6: Tip to Wire Usb Powerlines

5.The confusing part,.Mostly on USB wirings.but its not,.soldering wires in color coded is a bit confusing.,as mentioned earlier in steps remember where is the positive & the negative wires.

Step 7: Connecting Wires

6.Connecting the wires
See image:

Step 8: Twist N Solder

7.After all were soldered,.then dont forget to insulate the open wires with electrical tape or shrinking tube if you have.

Step 9: How to Charge the Battery Off the Phone

8.Charging the battery -in this project,i used my DIY PowerBank project (can also be found here)to charge my dead phone's battery.
Simply because it has an indicator Led blue light that indicate me that the project did worked.

•PowerBank link:

iPhone/Smartphone DIY Powerbank


Mobile link:


And I charge T630 battery for only 20 mins then i removed it from the project charger,& install it back on my Dead T630 SE phone,.then i hit the powerbutton,,.
Yes!.,it booted up...Displaying me to insert my sim card,.then shut off again,reinsert my Sim card,Yes!.,the phone was ressurected..All my messages,images,games & contacts are intact.,

•Since my PowerBank generate & discharge 5vdc @ 1.0 mah +/-20%
-It only took me 45 minutes to fully charge T630 battery that had 770 mah specs compare with it's official charger that generates 5vdc @ 300 mah that took me 3 hours to charge it full way back then.

Step 10: Result


•That's it ,it dont cost me money to revived my dead phone.,It only cost me a 30 mins of my time & some few material laying around which i kept(i never throw or dump electronics).,I know few people will only do this kind of project,.but for me recovering the important files needed is the most important in this project,.And i think this project would be applicable on Smartphones today with those removable battery,.Like Samsung & other brands..
•All i need to do later is to transfer all my files via bluetooth on my pc to back it up which i didnt do before..
That's it!
Hoping this project help some people at least.

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    5 years ago

    .....any idea what benefit there was in pairing a cellphone to a charger at only 300mah instead of 700mah, like yours? maybe even 1ah?
    i guess cell phone makers thought we had nothing else better to do back then but wait for phone to charge : )


    5 years ago

    i wonder why they only put a 300ah battery charger from the factory? why not put something like 700ah


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Good job squeezing some more life out of an old cell phone!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! & yes i did grabbed all my stuff in it,glad you liked it