Introduction: Old Drawer to New Shelves DIY

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What can you make from wood boards leftovers from your old kitchen?

Shelves for your new kitchen :)

I had some wood boards and drawers with formica, from our modern kitchen. Our new kitchen was between modern to rustic style.

I decided to use these leftovers although formica is harder to use for rustic style.

The shelves were built using simple tools, at my balcony.

The dimensions of the shelves are: Width 55 cm x Length 55 cm x Depth 14, but of course you can make it with any other dimensions.

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Step 1: Tools & Materials


  • Wood boards, 18 mm width.
  • Wood filler.
  • Paint.
  • Clear protective topcoat.
  • Hooks.
  • Screws.

General List of tools I'm using -

Tools in this Instructable:

  • Jigsaw - for rounded cuts.
  • Circular saw - for straight cuts. I used this saw.
  • Sanding paper.
  • Drill / Screwdriver.
  • Measuring tape.

Step 2: Drawer Disassembling & Making the Rounded Shapes

I started with removal of the drawer back board and raising the bottom board about 6 cm up, in order to leave place for the hooks later.

Later, I drew the rounded shapes for the top front decoration and the lower sides of the shelves, and cut them with a Jigsaw.

The shapes didn't came up perfect. Later, I fixed the shapes a bit, with a wood filler. The final paint was opaque, so it's not noticeable.

I connected another board, as a middle shelf (I don't have a picture of this step).

Step 3: Making the Back and Top Board

I wanted to have lines of slots on the back of the shelfes, for nicer decoration.

I had a trimmer, but didn't have a matching knife for this purpose.

Finally I made the lines using my circular saw, elevated on the saw track / guide I made before, in a way that the saw only engraved the lines on the boards.

Later I connected a bigger stands out board at the top. This gave a better look.

As you can see in this step, all boards corners are straight. I later disassemble some boards, and made rounder corders using a trimer, for better look (results on the next step.)

Step 4: Filling Holes and Sanding

I filled all of the screws holes using a wood filler, and after drying, sanded it.

Step 5: Painting

I painted the shleves, using chalked paint.

As I mentioned, the boards were covered with formica, so the chalked paint was caught great on such surfaces without need to paint with a primer paint.

Finally, I painted with clear protective topcoat.

Step 6: Adding the Hooks & Final Result

After everything was dryed, I added 5 hooks on each line on the back of the shelves, so we can hang keys, cups etc.

That's it.

Hope you like the reuslt of this Instructable! I would love to hear your comments.

You can visit my starting YouTube channel to see additional projects and subscribe in order to support me!

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