Introduction: Old Fashion Straight Razor Brush

Hello everyone, today's or now's instructible depending on when you read this will be on how to make a old fashion shaving brush for a straight razor (or regular razor I guess but that would be sort of silly). Anyways, earlier I poster an instructible on how to make a straight razor which I had made for my brother and now to continue the straight razor set I will show you how to make the brush, so here we go.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

-Drill (optional)
-Drill Bits
-Thor's Hammer (not really, but it could help if you just happen to have one lying around)

-Block of Hardwood
-Smaller But Same Diameter Piece of Wood (It'll make sense later)
-Brush Head
-Wood Glue

Step 2: Begin Shaping

Well this step is pretty self explanatory, begin shaping.

Step 3: Details

After you finished shaping, go from rough to smooth sand paper in order to get your handle both smooth and shiny. Then once you get your handle to the shape and smoothness (I think that's a word) you want it to be add your details, which for this one meant adding three thin grooves around the larger area. Then once you have your details finished cut the handle of the lathe making sure to get it flat. An easy way to do that is take a saw and cut it while it is spinning, however, be careful for this will cause it to jump off so you could hold it loosely using a rag as it spins, or if you are a more experienced woodworker, or just don't have a saw handy use the chisel. (fyi, I have no idea if that's a run on or not, I'm an engineer major, English isn't exactly my strong suit, feel free to correct any grammar if you feel so compelled)

After you finished the lathe details and cut it off the main block, cut out a piece the same size as the bottom of the brush handle. Then, once it is roughly the size of the handle glue and clamp them together and leave them to dry.

Step 4: Sanding the Base and More Details

Once the pieces are completely dry, very carefully, sand the second piece so that it perfectly matches the first while not actually sanding the first.
Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of this part but it's a pretty easy one if not the easiest, well maybe not because of the finishing step, but anyways I digest. What you need to do for this step, which really gives the brush a classy look is take the dust from the secondary wood (the finer the better), or make some if you don't have enough, and mix it with some glue and rub it in the three lines.
Also, this detailing step doesn't really have to go here, I did mine later as you can see by the pictures. Just make sure you fit it in before the finishing.

(Side Note: It is best to make the secondary wood the darker one as it makes it stand out more, however, there are many combinations that wood {pun intended} still be alright with a lighter secondary color)

Step 5: Hole (wasn't Sure What Else to Put Here)

After you took the piece off the lathe you should have noticed the perfect center hole on the top, if so we will use that, otherwise, mark the center of the top of the handle. Then, using that point drill a hole that snugly fits the Brush head. After you are sure it fits take it off and set it aside for now.

Step 6: Finishing

Unfortunately the word finishing in the title doesn't actually mean you're finished; it just means you get to coat your brush, sorry. Because the brush will likely spend a lot of time wet the best thing in my opinion to use is Polyurethane (thank goodness for spellcheck), because it seals the wood really well, and it looks amazing when its finished (see what I did there). Anyways, give it one to two coats based on your judgment of how long it will be used as well as how much of a shine you want.

Step 7: Actually Finishing

After the Polyurethane dries you can now glue the brush head into the handle and you're finished! (in an hour or two depending on the glue you used).

Here's a few images of the complete set, hopefully you enjoyed my instructible, let me know what you think.

Also, I may be posting another instructible soon on how to make a Churchwarden Pipe, so stay tuned!

As always, thank you, keep safe, and God Bless!

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