Introduction: Old Headphone Bracelet

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

Old or broken headphones and your hands!! A flat surface would be nice also.

Step 2: Plasticky Piece

You need to cut off that plastic piece in the middle of the headphones that keep the headphone cords from separating. I already cut it off and since my headphones actually went INSIDE your ear (like the skull candy ones) I took the rubber pieces off the ends.

Step 3: Measure!

You need to measure around your wrist to see how long you need around it. Make sure to leave a little extra room.

Step 4: Make a Loop!

Now you need to make a loop at where you marked it with your finger. Don't use a slip knot!! It will just slide off later and you don't want that. Make sure the headphones are on the small side where you measured your wrist.

Step 5: Pictures...

Okay, since I'll probably fail at explaining this, just follow the pictures. Hopefully it's clear enough for you to see...

Step 6: A Second Knot...

Keep going until you reach the end. After a while you'll get the hang of it and it will be super easy. By the way, make sure you make tight knots and scoot up the already knotted cord so its not all loose and flabby...

Step 7: TaDa!!

Yay! You don't need to do any special knot to make the cord stay. Just make sure you made tight knots and scooted them up. Now you have a finished awesome headphone bracelet!

Step 8:

It's like a friendship bracelet if you've ever made one... It's where I got my inspiration! ^.^ If you have any tips, i'm wiiiiide open or if you just want to show me a picture of one you did, post it in the comments below! I'd love to see what you did! Have fun making bracelets!!! :D