Introduction: DIY Old Keyboard 5-pin DIN to PS2 Converter

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Last Week at 2am in the night in the midst of submitting an important assignment suddenly many of my keyboard keys turned faulty.
As all shops were closed I had to thought of some way.
In my junk I found my old DIN-5 keyboard for my old Pentium II
I took me an hour to convert it to PS2

Step 1:

My Old Keyboard with a DIN-5 pin

Step 2:

I cut the old and my existing keyboard wires

Step 3:

With the help of a Multimeter I determined pin no. with its corresponding colour

Step 4:

Join the wires with each other with respect to its purpose not its colour i-e clock with clock, data with data etc.

Step 5:

Tape it up and
Your DIY PS2 keyboard.

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