Introduction: Old Map Made Using COFFEE GROUNDS

Ever think a cool, old and vintage looking map would be cool?

This simple project will teach you how to make an amazing looking map using coffee. The map looks like it was made hundreds of years ago, and is a priceless artifact that was just dug up.

This project is great for school projects, hobbyists, or someone who wants a vintage looking map hanging on their wall.



A cup of coffee

A pen, sharpie, marker, or some sort of writing utensil

A candle, matches, or a lighter

A good attitude

Step 1: Staining the Paper

The first step to making the map is to grab a piece of paper. A bit bigger than the size you want your map to be. Start by crumpling it up into a tight and small ball. Grab a mug, a size that will allow the entire ball of paper to fit in. Brew up a cup of coffee, decaf or caffeinated, it doesn't matter. Set the crumpled ball of paper in. Place something like a spoon on top of it to hold it down if needed. Let sit for about 24 hours.

Step 2: Draw the Lay of the Land

After letting the paper sit for 24 hours or so, take it out. Un-crumple it and lay it out to dry. Once dried draw on it with a pencil, and make it look like you want. Once done drawing with the pencil, go over it with something like a sharpie. Whatever you use, make sure it won't bleed when put in water. Add a name of the map area to the corner. If it's a made up fantasy land, come up with some sort of creative name that you think fits.

Step 3: Burning the Edges

Take something like a lighter or a candle and go by a sink. Take the lighter and start to slightly burn parts of the edge bit by bit. You should be fine just to pinch it out as long as you don't to too big of areas at a time. But if the flame goes out of control and starts to burn more than you want, run it under water. Then let it dry out and continue burning the edges. Once satisfied with that, make some small tears in the paper to add even more of a weathered effect.

Step 4: Finished

There you go. You have a professional looking map that cost you less than a dollar to make and took very little effort. These kinds of maps can be totally customized, any size, and hung up or used in any way.

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