Introduction: Old Mattress Box Spring Repurposed for Out of the Way Shop Ceiling Storage

About: "Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise." --Samuel Johnson

Dumping a mattress or box spring in the landfill: -$30.00 each
If you dont live near a facility that recycles them for free well then you dont have many options.
I decided to tear the cover off my old box spring and see if there was enough metal inside worth recycling.
I bolted my old box spring to the ceiling joists above where my garage door sits when its opened.
The wood frame side was easy to predrill for ½" lag bolts (6" long) that hold it to the ceiling through the 2x6 joists behind the sheetrock.
I recommend having extra hands around to help hold it up and secure the washers and 6" lags real good.
I enjoy using my new separated storage for long pieces of material left over from various projects. PVC pipes for sprinkler jobs, lots of wood trim cut-offs, aluminum channel, flourescent light bulbs, etc.
Finally all the stuff I had leaning up in the corner off the shop is now seperated and easily visible next time I need something. 

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