Old Picture Viewer to Pendant.

Introduction: Old Picture Viewer to Pendant.

I made these two picture viewer pendants as props for a video I was making. These two are the keychain picture viewers that came out at least a decade ago.

I found these for sale in a store called "The 99 Cent Store" two years back: They were 50 cents each, so I bought 4 of them. I was very sure the batteries in them wouldn't still be workable after all this time. Two did still work and I could still download pictures into them.

Step 1: Better Pics of Pendants

These viewers were originally black, with the company name on them. I opened the cases up, and drilled two holes in the top of the case. I then bent a jewelry headpin and fitted them through the holes. I also removed the clear window with the company name on it and replaced it with a piece of clear plastic.

Step 2:

These are top views of the pendants. I used jewelers pliers to bend loops into the ends of the head pins and on one I used a lenght of brass chain and a cheap cord from a cheap pendant on the other.

Step 3: Final Pics

I reassembled the cases then painted the cases. The viewer can display the pics at anything from one second to 15 second intervals. The pics can be anything as long as they are jpeg images. This looks unusual enough to look "Futuristic" and they are a working prop.

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