Introduction: Old Skool Fun From Back in the Day: Origami Fortune Teller

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So much changes from one time of our lives to the next. I think nothing makes me more nostalgic than doing one of those small things from High School in my adult years. An example is writing a note to my honey and giving it to him folded in a special way.

Today the thought of the ever popular Origami Fortune Teller came to mind, and I thought I would make one and share.
What do you need to get started?

1) 8.5 x 11 paper (use a colorful one to make it more fun or let it stay white so you can add color to it)
2) scissors

That's simple enough. Now, let's go back in time 14 least for me....

Step 1: Step One and Two: Get the Paper Ready for Cutting

Position the paper to sit portrait. Then take the top right corner of the paper and fold it down so the top right corner is touching the left side of the paper. It should look like a triangle on top with a rectangle on the bottom.

Flip over the paper. Take the rectangle from its bottom corners and fold them upwards. You will see two triangles once you flip the paper back over. One big one on the left and one small one on the right side. 

Step 2: Step Three: Get the Paper Ready for Folding

Unfold the paper. You will see a square on top with a folded line going diagonally through it and a rectangle at the bottom.

Next, cut off the rectangle. It is officially trash. All you will need is the left over perfect square.

Step 3: Step Four: First Set of Inside Folds

Take the perfect square and fold the corners together so that when you unfold it, there are two folded diagonal lines making an "X" through the square. These will be your guidelines for the next couple of steps.

Next, take each corner tip and fold the tip into the center, staying within the "X" guidelines (see picture if need be). Do this for all four corners. It should look like another perfect square with an "X", but the X shapes are actually flaps.

Step 4: Step Five: Second Set of Inside Folds

Flip the smaller square over. The "X" and the flaps should now be on the bottom. Now, take the corner tips and fold them into the center just like the last step.

It should look just as it did before with an "X" and flaps. The difference is there will be lines that cut the flaps into two triangles.

Step 5: Step Six: Final Folders for Fingers

Don't flip the square back over, instead, fold it in half so there are two rectangles. It doesn't matter which way as long as you don't fold it in half diagonally.

Once you are finished, you will see that both sides have two square flaps with two sides attached and two sides loose. Take the corner tip and fold the paper inside of the square. So basically, you are tucking in the square and it becomes a triangle.

This is a good step to check out the pictures.

Do this for all four sides. For reference, I included a photo of what it will look like once you open the square and all four sides are folded in. Those parts you folded in is where your fingers go.

Step 6: Step Seven: Make the "flower"

Once you have finished folding, take your fingers and place them into the folds. Bring your fingers together as the corners come together like a flower. I added a photo of what the inside and outside both look like when closed.

Step 7: Step Eight: Time to Play With Your Fortune

To set up the game...write numbers on the outside of the corners. There are 8 spaces. Then, open up the "flower" and write a number on each triangle (again, 8). Finally, open the big flaps and write something about a person's possible fortune.

To play the game...You ask someone to pick a number from the outside. Open the "flower" horizontally and then vertically for each time for the number. Meaning, if they chose 3, you will open horizontally, vertically and horizontally (3 times). 

Then, ask them to chose a number from inside. Open and close again for the number. Finally, they choose one more number from inside. Open that flap and voilà! you have given them their fortune.

Step 8: Nostalgia Found

I miss the simple times of simple games. I hope you enjoyed this little moment of "Traveling back in time".

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