Introduction: How to Make a Snowboard Bench From an Old Board

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If you've got a few old snowboards lying around and have always wondered what on earth to do with them, here's the answer's... make a Snowboard Bench to use when getting your gear on or off before or after a day's riding.

Here's how in a few simple steps with minimal fuss.

You will need:
  • Old snowboard
  • Drill and metal drill bits
  • Large wooden timber
  • 8 x long wood screws
  • Sand paper
  • Timber wax, paint or varnish

Step 1: Drill Though the Old Binding Threads

First thing to do is get a metal drill bit and drill out through the base of the board.  This is fairly easy as the base is usually a wood core. Use a drill bit size that matches your wood screws.

You might want to use rounded head wood screws (these were the only ones I had lying around).

Step 2: Attach the Legs

Next step find some wide timber (rounded or sqaure) and cut it to length with a suitable saw.  I only had a hand saw, so this step took me the longest (I cut mine to about 50 cm or just above knee height).  Take into account the camber of the board when cutting as it may need to be cut at a bit of an angle for a snug fit against the base of the board.
  • Use a pencil to mark onto the wood, the positions of the holes you made in the board.  Drill pilot holes into the wooden legs.
  • Sand paper the legs to remove any splinters.
  • Wax, paint or varnish the legs as you wish.

Step 3: Final Step - Test It Out

That's it, one quick and simple Snowboard Bench!

(Thanks to Charlie for modeling)

Thanks for looking and please post up a pic of your snowboard bench if you decide to make one too...