Introduction: Old TV Into Fish Tank

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I found this old TV in my in-laws storage. It was in pretty bad shape. I was told that it had been in there for about 50 years. So I decided to restore it and make it into a fish tank.

I already had an old fish tank that I had made a few years ago.

Step 1: Nailing It Back Together

So after cleaning it up of all the dust and cob webs, I started to fis all the loose pieces. I used my brad nail gun to accomplish this.

After that I went and cut the top of the TV off. I figured that would be the easiest way to feed the fish and do maintenance to the fish tank inside.

I used my mini circular saw to do this. Unfortunately the pics I took for this step were deleted from my phone some how.

Step 2: Time to Sand and Stain

Its time to start sanding. I used my orbital sander with a 220 grit. The hard to reach areas I used my multi tool.

I finished it up by using a dark stain. Unfortunately the pics I took for the staining were also deleted from my phone some how.

Step 3: Almost Finished

The last thing I did was putting the fish tank that I had already made into the TV. Filled it up with water and it was finished. The fist p[ic is one I took of the finished project in my shop. The rest are when I took it to my house and added the fish. As you can see from the last two pics is how the top of the TV lifts off to allow access.

Hope you enjoy this project.. If anyone tries this idea p[lease post photos of your finished project. Lastly PLEASE vote for this instructable.


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