Introduction: Old Tree Geocache

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I have decided to start making more to hide as our local area is a little slim on available caches. Found an area with an old tree, that had previously had branches cut off, so what better area to make an additional cut!

Started by finding the best spot, the right branch to work with based on size, etc. I cut the piece off, and took it home to work on further.

Step 1: Not Many Steps to This!

Then a took a small, micro size pill holder I had found, drilled out a hole the diameter of the pill holder in the piece of wood, and secured it in the hole with some epoxy (find something that will hold against wood and metal, or whatever material you are working with).

Next, back to the tree... Little more difficult, but it required drilling holes in the tree to match the hand held portion, so it would be nice and sturdy. Made a little bit of a mess up on one of the alignment pin holes, but it still worked out fine.

You have to make sure to include your log sheet inside the container for fellow Geocachers to sign! I have a duplicate on my key ring that I need to go back and enclose in this new cache (forgot when I left it there to include the log!).

Next, and final, follow required steps to get your Geocache published, and watch the log filled up!

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