Introduction: Old Typewriter Recycled to Become Paint Brush Holder

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Disclaimer:  I did not destroy a perfectly good old typewriter . I  found this old typewriter at a garage sale. It was in the free pile and the keys had already been removed by someone for the purpose of making jewelry with the glass  keys.  I feel I saved it from the dump .

So I took the typewriter with no specific purpose but figured I could make something out of it.   My wife's renewed interest in painting was the inspiration I needed. Along with the fact that it would be a fun holiday gift.

Basically what was done was:

1. Secured typewriter - garage sale - cost $0.00

2. Cleaned typewriter -  I liberally sprayed it with engine degunk and hosed it down . Then repeated a couple of more times. It was pretty effective way to  remove the grease.  Not sure if this would be a good idea if one was intent on rebuilding the typewriter but maybe.

3. Spray painted a primer coat.

4. Then spray painted it with every color I had in the basement.  Sort of like I  was doing a graffiti or modern art. Neither of which am I skilled at.

5.  Used a piece of shelf board to fit into the hole where the keys had been.   I routed the top edges to give it a more finished look and then stained  it.

6. Drilled holes the size that would be needed for many of her paint brushes.

7. Wrapped and presented it as a holiday gift.  It was well received and saved me a trip to the mall . :)

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