Old Smartphone to Movie Maker Camera

Introduction: Old Smartphone to Movie Maker Camera

I am one of countless amateur video/moviemakers and this is how I reused my old smart phone in my video making. The phone itself is no longer connected as a phone, but the wifi still worked, so I decided to load it with moviemaking apps and use it as a camera. The apps I added were the following: 1) Fxguru, for special effects... This app has various video overlays, walking t-rex, tank, ufo, dancing skeleton, and so on. This way I can create a video of, say, a t-rex stomping down a highway or a ufo warping into existence above a store parking lot simply by pointing the phone and using the app. 2) Vidtrim, for editing the video... Vidtrim allows me to trim the videos to any length or pull off the sound from the video as a mp3. And to send the videos/mp3s to another device, 3) Shareit, which is an information-sharing app... This app can send the made videos/mp3/pics back and forth to another device, in this case my tablet PC, which has a movie-making app on it. This way I can either finish up the video on my tablet, or transfer it to a sd chip/flash drive and plug it into my computer and finish it there. This comes in very handy because of the phone easily fits in a pocket and can be pulled out for immediate use anywhere. And since it no longer works as a phone, there is no monthly bill for its use as well.

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