Introduction: Old Trick to BOOST WIFI SIGNAL SPEED

There are many ways to boost wifi signal speed but I recommend this old trick because of it's materials: Cheap, recyclable and friendly with enviroment !

Don't waste your old things. Time to reuse something XD

Step 1: Preparation

(1x) Coke can (recyclable materials)

(1x) Wifi router

(1x) Scissor

(1x) Cardboard (recyclable materials)

(1x) Random glue

Step 2: Making Progress

2.1. Cut coke can, use it's body only

2.2. Cut the cardboard, make 2 parabols

2.3. Carve a hole at the middle of parabols

2.4. Stick them by glue

2.5. Set up the device onto the wifi atenna

Step 3: Hope You Succeed !

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