Introduction: Olivia's Robot


Little Bits Kit


hole puncher

3 pipe cleaners

construction paper

1 little bits fan


2 pompoms

blue tape

2 little bits googley eyes

led lights


Step 1: Get Supplies Ready

Step 2: Build Little Bits Circuit

Attach the power module to the fan to the long LED to the uv LED module. Attach to the white Little Bits mounting board and a battery.

Step 3: Attach a Piece of Velcro to the Fan.

Step 4: Get Your Pompom and Put a Velcro and Googley Eyes Onto It and Attach It to the Top of the Fan

Step 5: Fold Your Paper Into a Box Shape for Your Robot's Body

Step 6: Hole 2 Punch Holes on the Side of the Body on Each Side

Step 7: Twirl Your Pipecleaners Around a Marker for 30 Seconds and Then Release to Create the Ears

Step 8: Pull Your Pipecleaners Through the Hole in Your Box to Make Ears

Step 9: Draw Two Square Eyes, Medium Sized. Draw a Medium Sized Nose and a Big Square Mouth.

Draw stripes like a grid in the mouth.

Step 10: Get LED Lights From the Little Bits Circuit and Poke Them Through the Squared Eyes.

Step 11: Twirl Around Another Pipecleaner and Attach It to the Nose. Hot Glue a Pompom to the Pipecleaner.

Step 12: Turn on the Switch and Your Lights and Fan Will Work!