Olla Irrigation




Introduction: Olla Irrigation

Ollas (pronounced “oy-yahs”) are made from unglazed clay pots that are buried underground to allow for irrigation of plants. They have been used around the world for thousands of years and are a highly efficient irrigation method, as they slowly seep water to the roots of the plant as the plant needs it.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

  1. quick setting epoxy
  2. 2 clay pots same size (unglazed)
  3. small piece of broken tile

You can buy clay pots at walmart or at a garden centre. Make sure that they are not glazed. The glazing will stop the water from wicking from the pot.

Step 2: First Step

  • Find a small piece of broken tile and use epoxy to glue it over the hole inside one of the pots. Leave it overnight to dry then turn it upside down and fill in the hole on the bottom with epoxy. This will seal it completely so no water will leak out. Let it dry over night.

Step 3: Second Step

  • Next take your epoxy and put some on each clay pot edge, then put the second pot on top of the first pot. Make sure you have enough epoxy on the pot edges so it will seal properly. Place a small weight on top to hold it secure and wait for 24 hours.

Step 4: Planting

  • Once it is dry take it to your garden or flower bed and plant around the olla. The olla should be in the centre when you are planting. Leave the top of the olla (with the open hole) just above the ground. The hole on the top is where you can fill it up with water. I also put a rock on top to stop things from crawling in and from the water evaporating. The water will slowly wick from the pot and feed the roots of the plant. If you put some straw mulch it will help the ground to stay moist and not evaporate as quickly. You will have to fill it up every two days, especially if it is really hot outside. If you use a bigger olla you won't have to fill it up as often. I planted my celery around the olla and it is doing very well.

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    Geeks with lasers
    Geeks with lasers

    6 years ago

    handy. I have a massive raised bed that this would really help for next year :) The summer squash need better wattering than I managed this year...