Introduction: Olympic Games Visualizations

I am a sports enthusiast and I have a deep interest in the most histroic sporting event on the planet, the Olympics. It is a dream of mine, one day, to go the olympics and I am currently training withis this goal in mind. I wanted to create a set of graphics that  follow the success of rowing, my favorite sport, but first I will focus on the Winter vs Summer Olympics and then I will take a closer look at the sport of Rowing.

Step 1: Created Using Plotly

Plotly is a great platform to create data vizualizations, very clear and straight-forward to use. 
The process was smooth and effortless from start to finish. Initially, I imported the data straight from an excel file and then edited in the Plotly editor. Next, I chose the which data would be represented on each axis. Finally, I plotted the data and the rest is history.

Step 2: All-time Summer Olympic Medal Count Overlayed With Winter Medal Haul

I thought it would be interesting to compare the total number of medals won at both the Winter and Summer Olympics. The USA leads the way in summer medals won with 2400 medlas won to date. These are the top 10 countries that have won the most summer medals, and I thought it would be interesting to compare this value to their winter olympic medal tally.

The BLUE bars represent the number of Summer Olympic medals won by each country. This graphic shows the top 10 nations in terms of Summer Medals won. The ORANGE bars represent the number of Winter Olympic medals for each country, overlayed on top of the summer totals.

Step 3: Top 10 Winter Olympic Medal Countries

This graphic shows the top 10 all time medal winning countries at the Winter Olympics, split up individually by gold, silver and bronze medals. Norway seems to be the most successful nation in terms of most medals won in all categories.

Austria wins a lot more silver and bronze medals relative to the other countries around it. Eight out of the top 10 coutries happen to come from Europe, with Canada and the USA being the other nations that make up the rest of the top 10.

Step 4: Rowing Medal Table

 This is the graph that I am most interested in as it is to do with the sport of Rowing. It shows the medal hauls from the past 4 olympics for all countries that have won an Olympic rowing medal.

Step 5: Olympic Rowing Age Distribution

Rowing is very unigue in that many o the athletes do not peak until their late 20's to early 30. The average age for all medalists in rowing is 27, with medal winner being as old as 52 and as yound as 19 or 20. The distributions are very different between countries too, with ormain having a very large spread, compared to countries like Norway and New Zealand who are more centered around the 27, 28 years range.

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