Introduction: Olympic Rings Rainbow Loom Tutorial

Here is my Olympic ring rainbow loom bracelet tutorial. I wanted to do something to get ready for the Winter Olympics coming up, and the Olympic ring bracelet was born! This is a spin on the zig-zag pattern, so if you know how to do that then you will be able to do this for sure. This is and intermediate level bracelet, as most if my tutorials are. I hope you enjoy and if you are confused at all, please comment and I will make sure to help you. Also, it would mean a lot if you voted for this bracelet to win the bracelet contest!! Thanks, enjoy:)

Step 1: Supplies

1.) blue, yellow, black, green, red, and white bands
2.) one rainbow loom
3.) a hook
4.) a clip

Step 2: Placing the Bands

First set up your loom in the rectangular configuration. Place a white band from the right row in to middle, then place a navy band next to it. The take another navy band and go up from the first navy band's beginning. Take another navy band and put that opposite of the last blue band you put down, and take one more band and put it on top.

Step 3:

You will place the yellow bands on the opposite side of the navy bands. First go forward, then sideways to the right, then up, then across. Do this for the rest of the loom switching sides in this order- navy, yellow, black, green, red.

Step 4:

The loom should look like this when you are done

Step 5:

Place a cap band on the last left band of the red ring.

Step 6: Looping the Bands :))))

To start looping, flip your loom over so that the arrows are facing you. Take the first red band and loop it to the left. Go back to that first pin and take the band under the cap band and bring that forward. Go back to the pin on the left and bring the bottom band forward, and bring the band under that to the side.

Step 7:

Doing the bands on the left side is a bit different. Take the first green band and bring it to the left. Go back to the pin that band came from and bring that band forward. Go to the leftmost band and bring that forward, and bring the band next to it sideways. Do this, switching sides until the end of the loom.

Step 8:

When you have finished, there should be a white band at the end, bring that to the left :)

Step 9:

Go under that white band and make an extension of about 5-7 bands and place a clip.

Step 10:

Go to the red cap band and place your hook under and do the same thing, make an extension of 5-7 bands. When you have finished, pull off the loom and attach to the clip

Step 11: All Done!

Yay! You're done with your Olympic ring bracelet. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, vote for this bracelet in the bracelet contest!! Thanks!

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