Introduction: Ombre Cake

Everyone loves cake. Whether it's for a birthday, a milestone, a special event, or even just because! In this intructable, I hope to show you a cake that will both amaze everyone who sees and eats it, and not take up your entire day to make ;).

Step 1: Gathering Your Materials

Here is the list of the main items which will be needed to make this cake:

-2 packages of 461g/16.25oz White cake mix (follow the instructions on the box) If you don't have any white cake mix, you can also your cake batter from scratch. Here's the recipe that I used:

-Food colouring (your choice in colour)

-Vanilla frosting

-Large mixing bowl

-4 normal sized bowls

-2 circular 8" cake pans

Step 2: Colour the Batter

For this step you will first need to divide the batter into the 4 bowls in equal amounts. Set one of them aside, as this will be your white area of ombre. Next, add food colouring to make a light shade (2 drops), a medium shade (5 drops) and a dark shade (11 drops).

Step 3: Put the Batter in the Pans and Bake

Preheat the oven to whatever temperature your recipe calls for. In one greased pan, put in the dark blue batter in first, then on top of that, add the medium blue batter (This will be the bottom layer of the cake). In the second pan, first put in the light blue batter and then on top, add the plain white batter (this will be the top layer of the cake). Bake your cakes for the amount of time called for on your recipe.

Step 4: Prepare the Cakes and Frost Them

In order to prepare the cake to be frosted, you must cut the top off of the bottom layer of the cake to make it even so that the top layer can easily be stacked on top. Now generously apply some icing to the top of the bottom layer of cake. Make sure that it is spread evenly! Put the top layer of cake on, and frost all over the cake leaving no space untouched (except the bottom!). Don't worry about a messy job of frosting, this cake looks better with more of a mode podge look (on the icing anyways... not for the actual cake) ;) Now your cake is ready to be enjoyed! Hopefully it looks great make sure to show how it turned out by clicking 'I made it!'

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