Introduction: Omegle Location Prank With Wire Shark

This is the ways how you can know the location (probable) of anyone who connects you over omegle video chat.

Here we are using Wire shark network analyzer , but there are many other ways of doing this also.

In omegle video , video packet contains IP address of source and destination computers so it gets very easy to say where the another use is now. In big cities you can literally predict with ~20 Mile accuracy, in rural accuracy gets down to ~70 miles.

This is just for fun and prank, please don't try to scare people.

Step 1: Download Wire Shark

First step of this tutorial is download and prepare your computer with 'Wire Shark Network Analyzer' ,

What does this tool do?
This tool analyzes the network card and packets there and tell us basic details about the data we send and receive.

Download Wire Shark:

Download the suitable version, and install it.

After downloading you'll see the screen as per image. double click on the network device on which you are.

If you are on WI-FI double click on it, it will start capturing packets and show you some data.

Step 2: Too Much Mess.

You'll receive hundreds of packets every minute and if you stare screen you'll shout what the fuck is happening.

Calm down,

click on search bar and type 'UDP' , you'll be able to see packets only with UDP protocol and other few related to that.

To filter more, open 'cmd' and type 'ipconfig'. note down your ipv4 address. which will help you to filter some other redundant packets.

Step 3: All Set? Open Omegle. (Video Chat)

Check list,
1) Wire shark?

2) UDP filter?

3)Your IP address?

If all yes , goto video.

as you'll open it and connect to stranger, you'll be able to notice packets from source of some IP address to your IP address (Destination).

Note down the IP (the source one), and go to any ip location finder.
(one is here:

paste that IP and hit the button, with it some seconds you'll be able to see the location and other details about the "stranger".

You can know IP, Country, State, Area, Postal Code and even the name of Internet provider.

Step 4: Congratulations.

You just unlocked and psuedo hacker badge.

This is not hacking but not many people know about this. So you can surprise them.
but remember dont do any unethical thing with this, cause you are also sending your IP with your webcam data. so you can be traced as well.

This tutorial is just for fun. With proper set up and good starting lines you can make it even better.

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