Introduction: Omelette Sou Vide ...... A.K.A. Camping Bag Omelets

This is a wonderful and fast way to prepare tasty omelets for a bunch of hungry campers! Best part is, they get to create their own omelette with whatever they want. Great for picky kids and fussy adults! Or vise versa. I was skeptical of this method at first, but after my first bite, I was hooked. YUM!

Step 1: Get Your Water Boiling and Ingredients Ready!

Get ready and stoke the fire! Or turn on the propane....

  1. First, get a large pot of water on the campfire, stove or propane grill (as shown) and start heating it to boiling. It is important to get it to a rapid boil as the omelettes will cool the water when you first put them in. We used a crab pot, because we had 8 or so omelettes at a time.
  2. Make sure you buy FREEZER bags. Quart size works great! If you do not have freezer bags, you will have omelettes in your water...yuck! Don't skimp here!
  3. Have everyone write their names with a Sharpie on their own bag.

Step 2: The Fun Part! Omelet Creation....

This is the fun part! So smile when you are doing it and let the kids run wild....well, you might have to crack a few eggs for them to avoid the shells, but then let them fill it with all the good stuff!

  1. Get a large cup (here we used a Seahawks cups from the trailer). Put the bag inside and fold the edges over the rim. This makes it easier to add your ingredients without too much mess.
  2. Add 2-5 eggs depending on how hungry you are. It is not recommended to add more than 5, or it may not cook through. I used two because I like a lot of BACON in my Omelet.
  3. Add veggies, cooked meats or cheese! We used sweet peppers, green onions, cooked turkey sausage crumbles, cooked and chopped bacon pieces, mushrooms, and shredded cheese. You could also add things like: Ham, chorizo, jalapenos, spinach, olives, cooked shrimp, tomatoes, feta, green chilis, corn, salsa, chili con carne, roasted veggies, etc. Use your imagination!
  4. SQUEEZE out the air and seal your bag. Double check that it is sealed, or you'll find out the hard way!
  5. SQUISH your bag over and over and over and over until everything is mixed up well. This would also be a great time to teach the kids a game of Hacky sack at this point, but do that at your own risk. It is optional.

Step 3: The Cooking of the Omelets!

This is where everyone drools and complains that they have to wait to eat! Just remind them of the last time they had to wait for each individual pancake that had to be made on the tiny Coleman griddle......

  1. We recommend cooking only what your pot will hold. A standard 5 quart pot will hold about 4 omelets, 8 quart: about 7 omelets and so on. Make sure all the omelets are in the water. They will float some, that is ok. Put them in the boiling water carefully.
  2. Let them cook for 10 minutes. I know you think this is a long time, but it tends to be perfect. Some larger omelets may need more time. You can tell if they are not cooked if there is any liquid left in the bag or they are squishy at all. They should be fairly firm.
  3. After the time is up, take them out one at a time and hand them to the hungry, eyes rolled back in their head, walking dead of the camping clan. (My family fits this description)
  4. Dump your freshly cooked omelet out onto your fanciest paper plate.
  5. Dress it with whatever garnish you like. I used sour cream and some corn salsa. It was delish.
  6. Best of all, this is very little clean up, unless you have that "one person" who insists on eating it with actual real plates and forks. AS IF! This is camping man! Get with it! Enjoy!

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