Introduction: Omelette in a Jar

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This quick savory breakfast is packed with protein and easy to customize!

Many different cheeses, meats and vegetables can be used

for a different omelette every week.

Delicious combinations to try:

mushroom, spinach, feta

smoked salmon, dill, butter

onion, green pepper, mushroom

cooked potato, bacon, Colby-jack

roasted tomatoes, parmesan, garlic

The omelette jars will keep for 4 days in a cold refrigerator.

These can also be dumped into a hot oiled pan for quick cooking.

Make a bunch on Sunday for easy hot breakfasts all week!


  • 8oz glass jars
  • 2 eggs per jar
  • filling ingredients

Step 1: Gather Ingredients

Prepare the ingredients for a quick assembly line.

For my omelettes I used:

chopped canned potato

diced sweet red pepper

chopped precooked bacon

shredded sharp cheddar cheese

2 eggs per jar

onion salt

black pepper

Step 2: Customize the Ingredients

Place 1/8-1/4 cup of each filling ingredient in each jar

This is where I create several different omelettes for my family’s needs and tastes.

Some have no cheese for the lactose sensitive and some have no peppers for the vegetable hater.

Step 3: Add the Eggs

Gently break 2 eggs in each jar trying not to break the yolks....this will help keep the

eggs fresh for the week.

Top with 1/4 tsp onion salt and black pepper

Step 4: Lid and Label

Scew caps on tightly

Label tops with permanent marker

Store in refrigerator

Step 5: Cooking

Shake the jar vigorously to break up the yolks and combine the ingredients

Remove lids!

Cover jar with paper towel and place in microwave

Step 6: Microwave

You'll need to experiment with this step to get your eggs exactly as you like.

In my microwave I cook the omelette jar like this:

1.microwave 30 seconds

2.stir well

3.microwave 30 seconds

4.stir well

5. microwave 30 seconds a bit before eating

The jar is HOT!

I use the paper towel to remove the jar from the microwave for stirring......

you could use oven mitts for better protection

Enjoy a hot high protein breakfast every morning!

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