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Omelette in a Zip Bag

There are several 'bibles on omelettes in a bag. Here is my take on it....

Here is a fun camping breakfast - Omelettes! But not just any omelettes, but 'build your own' omelettes AND you cook them in a plastic zip sandwich bag!

Meals are always more fun when they are participatory in nature. Here your family and friends get to build their own custom omelette from eggs and a variety of yummy goodies and seal it in a bag which is boiled in a pot of water and returned to the waiting breakfaster to gobble up!

Step 1: Ingredients and Preparation

You'll need:

A plastic zip bag for each person. I used sandwich bags - some might feel more confident boiling a 'freezer' bag (now isn't that an oxymoron) because of its thicker construction. It's up to you.

(And PLEASE don't complain and drone on in the comment section about all the deadly chemicals that are leaching out of the plastic bag and into the food - Those with such concerns don't participate, and those of us who throw caution to the wind - Enjoy)

Eggs - about 2 per person per bag. (Putting more than two in a bag will extend cooking time.)

A variety of extras to add to the omelette:

Cheese (my example omelet had this added after cooking, but its super yummy to put it in the bag

Diced Onions

Diced Bell Peppers (I used red, yellow and orange - I don't care for green)

Diced Mushrooms

Diced Tomatos

Sliced Olives

Pre-cooked meat - Ham or whatever is to your liking (my example omelette didn't have any meat in it but I often put sliced turkey)

And whatever else you enjoy in an omelette!

For those liking a bit more 'fluffy' omelette you can add a teaspoon of water to the bag.

Permanent marking pen


Pot, Stove (or campfilre), water....

Step 2: Crack Your Eggs Right Into the Bag

Crack your eggs directly into the zip bag. Why dirty any bowls!

Step 3: Add Omelette Goodies to the Bag!

Add your custom selection of omelette goodies to the bag! You get to put in exactly what you want!

Step 4: 'Smoosh' It All Up!

Zip you bag closed while getting the air out.

Now smoosh it all up. 'Smoosh' is a technical term for mixing it all up in a bag. So squeeze and squish and generally make the insides do summersaults until it is all mixed up. When you've done a good job 'homogenizing' the contents its a good idea to make sure the zipper is well zipped again.

At this point have everyone put their initials or name on the bag with a permanent marker. (Otherwise you might end up eating someone else's masterpiece.)

Step 5: Boil Them in Oil - No, No, Water Please!

Get your pot of boiling water going on the camp stove or campfire and when up to a good rolling boil drop (gently place so as not to splash boiling water on yourself or others) the bags in. You can cook multiple bags all at the same time.

Boil for 10 to 13 minutes stirring and prodding them as the time goes by. If any float with one side up, let them cook on that side awhile and then flip them over; repeat flipping.

Step 6: Times Up! Out of the Pool!

Use tongs to pull the bags out of the pot of boiling water. And distribute the omelettes to their rightful owners. Let them cool a bit and caution others to be careful as there may be pockets of hot water on the outside of the bag and in the zipper.

Step 7: Open and Enjoy!

Carefully open the bags and slide that omelet out onto a plate - Garnish, season and Enjoy!!!!!

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