Omnidirectional Biquad Antenna for 5 8 GHz FPV

Introduction: Omnidirectional Biquad Antenna for 5 8 GHz FPV

Omnidirectional Biquad Antenna for 5.8 GHz FPV

Directional antennas do have their strengths such as power over distance but sometimes you may need to use a good omnidirectional antenna to produce 360 degrees of coverage over a smaller area. So this video is a different take on the traditional biquad antenna and I will show you how to make an omnidirectional biquad for 5.8 GHz making this suitable for FPV fist person view. 5.8GHz full wave length 52mm ¼ wave length 13mm 5GHz full wave length 60mm ¼ wave length 15mm

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    6 years ago

    Hey I just made one for 5Ghz wifi but did not notice any improvement over the dipole antenna modified from Dual Band Dipole(also followed guide from you). Maybe my measurement is bit off, I'll try to make another one...

    Few questions, for Wifi, is it better to use 4 lobes or 6 lobes? Also since I'm in the US, the usable non DFS frequencies are pretty wide apart(5.18Ghz-5.24Ghz & 5.745Ghz-5.825Ghz), should I still target for the middle, which is not ideal for neither or pick a side and choose to make one specifically for the higher or lower range? thank you!