Introduction: On My Own Skatebaord

This is one of the most basic skateboard model, sparrow is small, but all dirty, I put the center of gravity on the frame linkage construction, if there are like friends can agree with it!

Step 1: 第一步 制作车轮架/ Step One Making Wheel Racks

根据滑板实际样式设计滑板底部车轮的支架和车轮/Design the stand and wheels of the
bottom wheel of the skateboard according to the actual style of the skateboard

Step 2: 第二步 制作底板/ Step 2 Make the Base Plate

1.制作长为276.5,宽为60,高为11.4的滑板,其中滑板的厚度为7,/ Make
a skateboard with a length of 276.5, a width of 60 and a height of 11.4, of which the thickness of the skateboard is 7,

2 左右两旁用形状相等的图形与中板互相连接并成组/ The left and
right are connected to each other with a shaped shape of the medium plate and grouped

3在滑板上进行钻孔/ Drilling on a skateboard

Step 3: 第三步,拼接成型/ Step 3, Stitching Molding

1 将车架上的螺丝与滑板架上的螺丝孔对齐,拼接成型/ Align the screws on the frame with the screw holes on
the skid frame and stitch up the screws

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