Introduction: On Screen Gamepad for Smartphone

As an alternative to using virtual buttons or external gamepad to play videogames on your smartphone, here is a "gamepad" that will provide you a tactile feedback of the buttons you press on your game.

Step 1: Materials

- Buttons ( I used spare ones that i had from a nintendo ds)
- aluminum foil
- Band ( Could be from a headband or a sweatband)
- super glue

Step 2: Step One

Cover all the buttons with the aluminum foil. Make sure that the bottom of each button is flat. Test the buttons with the screen of your phone to make sure its making good contact.

Step 3: Step Two

Cut the band just long enough for it to wrap around your phone. Then use the super glue to stick both ends together.

Step 4: Step Three

Cut holes on the band to place the buttons. For this step put the band on your screen with your game on so you can mark where the buttons should be placed. The proceed to cut the holes and stick the buttons in.

Step 5: Final Product


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