Onam Special Silk Thread Jhumka

Introduction: Onam Special Silk Thread Jhumka

Hi all,

Here is the tutorial for making bridal silk thread jewellery. Hope you all like this support. Support, subscribe and motivate me to upload more videos.

Try this out and share your opinions with me. Don't forget to share, support and subscribe our channel.
Materials required: silk thread Jhumka Mould Glue/ Fabric glue Golden ball chain Pearls Eye Pin Sted Canvas Paper Scissors Tools Sted Cap

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Step 1: Wrap Silk Thread Around Any Flat Object ( 20 Times )

Step 2: Take Jhumka Mould, Wrap It With the Silk Thread

Step 3: Wrap the Jhumka Mould With Silk Thread As Shown

Step 4: Apply Glue at the End and Cut the Extra Edges

Step 5: Decorate the Silk Thread Mould With Golden Ball Chain to Make It Bridal Jewel Look

Step 6: Using Canvas Paper, Make the Backside of the Sted. Cut the Extra Papers. Do As Instructed in the Video

Step 7: Finally Our Jhumkas Are Ready

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