Introduction: One Board Birdhouse/Feeder

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One item I frequently have leftover are fence boards. Not only that, but they are less than $5 each, so finding something to build with one of them, is a very cost effective project. The inspiration for this project comes from my 11 month old who loves to look out our front bay window at the squirrels and birds. We frequently put out seed/feed for them to eat, but didn't have a "spot" for them to get it aside from just the grass. On my front yard I have 2 big maples, so I thought why not build something simple, attach it to the trees, and let my girl watch all the wildlife fun ensue! Since putting two up, we have had ducks, squirrels, blue jays, cardinals, wrens, a cat chasing the squirrels, and other various neighbourhood birds.

Follow the steps to make your own replica OR even better, I challenge the next person to make a design and build their own while still only using ONE BOARD!!


  • 1 1x6x6 (a 5ft board would work for this) PT fence board
  • galvanized 1 - 1 1/2" nails (4 or 6 gauge)
  • 1" #6 brown deck screws

Step 1: Cut List

All measurements are lengths as the width for each piece is ALWAYS the width of the fence board
  1. Back = 14" (two 45 degree miters on top edge)
  2. Front = 2 1/2"
  3. Side x2 = 8" (one end is cut on a 45 degree miter...8" is the long end of the miter)
  4. Bottom = 6"
  5. Roof (short) = 6"
  6. Roof (long) = 6 5/8"

You should wind up with about 16-20" extra material in case you want to adjust any measurements or just use a 5ft board instead of the 6ft.

Step 2: Begin Assembly

I've made this a few times, using only screws, using only nails, and a mix of both; also while making the sides I attached them flush with the back as well as outside the feel free to "do it your way". Use this as a starting point and if you find something works for you, add it in the comments or as a tip.

For the purpose of this Instructable, I chose to instruct with using nails, as a hammer is more readily available than a drill. Also, it is safer for kids!

If you do decide to screw, I would HIGHLY recommend pre-drilling. It takes an extra 5 minutes total, but will save the wood from splitting. Also, if you have quick clamps, put them to use.

  1. Lay the back on a flat surface
  2. Attach each side piece with 2 nails at the top and bottom
  3. Make sure the bottom of all three pieces are flush with each other and the mitered ends are long side to the inside of the house/feeder.

Step 3: Attach Bottom and Front

  1. Place the bottom flush with the sides and back and attach it with 4 nails through the sides
  2. Place the front on the bottom and attach it with two nails

Note: every pressure treated (PT) fence board has both ends "treated". Meaning that they are stained the same colour as the rest of the board. I cut the front piece first so that the finished and visible edge is the stained one. You can see the stain in the picture above the word "Front"

Step 4: Build and Attach Roof

  1. Attach the two roof pieces together with two nails making sure the long roof piece overlaps the short one
  2. Use something "square" (90 degrees) to make sure the two pieces are being attached at the 90 degree angle
  3. Place the roof on the rest you already built and flip the house over on its front.
  4. Nail through the back into the roof
  5. Flip it back over and stand it up
  6. Nail the roof down onto the sides (recommend pre-drilling..even for a nail)

Step 5: Hang Up!

Your house/feeder is built! Find a place in your yard to put it and enjoy the new addition.

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