One Button Buffet

Introduction: One Button Buffet

NOTE: For Kang Chiao's meal system, useless if you're not in our school.

The devices have two uses. It can be used to skip the boring process of choosing meals by just selecting buffet for you, which is really useful for people that only want to eat buffet, or you can plug it on someone else's account and change all meal to buffet for trolling purposes. Tested on Mac Chrome browser, might not work on other devices or browsers.


Cardboards (optional)

Arduino board



82 Ω resistor

Step 1: Create a Box

To make the box shown,

1. Cut the cardboard into two 18*12, two 18*8 and a 12*8 rectangle pieces

2. On one of the 18*12, cut a hole that fits your button

3. Stick the box together

4. Make some decoration

Feel free to make your on box or skip this step if you don't care about aesthetics.

Step 2: Connect the Circuit

A simple button circuit. Uses port 8 in the example code.

When connecting the button, fit the button into the hole of the box first.

Stick the board inside the box when done.

Step 3: Code!

The code presses a number of tabs to get to a button, then press enter to select.

Check the comments for modifications.

Check Arduino References on how to use keyboards.

Step 4: Using the Device

Load into your account, connect the device with your computer, then press the button.

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