Introduction: One Grill New York Steak Meal With Video!

In this intsructable I teach you how to make a complete steak dinner on a single grill.

Step 1: Start Your Grill.

Preheat your grill wether real or gas.

Step 2: Steaks

Go to the store and procure your steak of choice. A day or week or so ahead of time take it and season it with some salt and pepper. If you can place it on a rack so that air can flow both above and below it, this is a simple dry aging technique.

Then leave it in the fridge until an hour or two before cooking.

Step 3: ​For the Potatoes:

Get a bag of small potatoes and wash them off removing any left over dirt.

They are already the right size to leave them whole, if you get larger potatoes cut them into quarters or slices keeping them about an inch and a half to 20 inches thick.

Take the potatoes and place them in a bag, add some olive oil and some italian seasoning or which ever seasoning you prefer, just salt and pepper works fine as well. Close the bag and shake the potatoes around until they are fully covered. You can also do this step in a bowl if you do not have any suitable bags.

These go on the grill first.

Step 4: For the Stuffed Chiles:

The recipe and a video of their creation is illustrated in another of my instructables here:

Step 5: Get to Grilling!

Once your grill is ready, put the potatoes on.

Leave them for 10-20 mins. Then flip if you want.

Next put the steak on, leave for about 5-7 min then flip. At this time put your stuffed chile items on the grill.

Wait another 5-7 min then take steaks of the grill. Leave chiles to cook for a little longer if they are not fully cooked yet.

Let steak sit for about 15 minutes for juices to settle, during this time take potatoes off grill and finish the preparation of your stuffed chiles!

Eat your meal! This should be a large meal for 2 people or enough for 4 if you eat lighter meals.

Step 6: Video

I also made a video of the process, it goes a little more in depth. Hope you enjoy your steak!

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