Introduction: One Handed Can Opener

In this instructable I will be showing the operation of a 3D printed device that will allow for a can opener to be used using only one hand.

Step 1: Print Part

In order to begin opening cans with this device you will need to 3D print the stl file attached to this instructable for the can opener clamp. I would recommend printing at atleast 50% infill.

Step 2: Acquire Materials

Once you have 3D printed your clamp and have your can opener readily accessible you will need to place your can on a flat sturdy surface like a table.

Step 3: Beginning Operation of the Can Opener

In order to use this device you will need to hold the can opener with your pointer, middle finger and thumb. Meanwhile you will hold the Clamp in your palm just behind the can opener with your other two fingers.

Step 4: Begin Opening Can

Now that you have the can opener and clamp in hand you can use your three fingers to close the opener piercing the can. While holding the opener shut you can than proceed to slide your clamp over the handles.

Step 5: Open the Can

Now that the opener is secured to the can you can simply turn the knob on the opener using your now free hand until the can is opened.

Step 6: Enjoy

Congratulations. You have now successfully opened a can using only one hand.