Introduction: One Handed Hair Tie

Our device is made to help people with an upper arm amputation to put on a hair tie. These are the instructions on how to adjust and use the device.

Step 1: Access CAD File Using OnShape

First step to get access to the CAD file and make an OnShape Account so that you can edit the CAD file. This is imperative because most of the design is based on the product being adjusted for the user.

Step 2: Adjust Radius and Print

Next, you want to adjust the radius of the device. To do this you have to open the CAD file and select "Sketch 1". The easiest view to look at it is the front view. Next, you have to double click on the radius measurement to change it (That is the measurement of 1 in the picture above). Change the measurement to the desired value and then deselect it. Then, click the check mark in the top left to finalize the sketch. This should adjust the radius for the entire project. Changing the radius is vital to making the design best suit you. You want to set the radius to a value that the ring can easily go onto your pointer and middle finger and your hair can be pulled through but not to big that your hair tie cannot be wrapped around it. Then save the CAD file. Next, take the CAD file, send it to the 3D printer and print it using the printer.

Step 3: Put Hair Tie Around Design

Put the design on a flat surface with the hooks on the top. Bracing the design with either your thumb or pointer finger, loop the hair tie around one of the three hooks. Then, pull the hair tie to loop it around another one of the hooks. Next, bracing the device, push the hair tie around the 3rd and final hook.

Step 4: Put Design Around Pointer Finger and Middle Finger

You are going to take the device with the hair tie around it and place it on your hand so that it encircles the pointer and the middle finger.

Step 5: Gather Hair

Take your hand and your hair so that your hair is in between your thumb and your pointer finger.

Step 6: Pinch Hair With Pointer and Middle Finger

This is by far the hardest step. You are going to have transition from your hair being gathered to you pinching your hair in between your middle and pointer finger. What I have found most successful is to move your middle finger as close to your hand as possible and almost scoop the hair into pinching it. This will take some practice so don't be afraid if you can't get it on the first try.

Step 7: Pull Hair Through Design

You are going to pull the hair through the design so that the design is encircling your hair. You may have to adjust the placement of it because it will slide a little bit.

Step 8: Deattach the Hair Tie From the Device

You are going to take the hair tie off of the device. Then you can pull the device off of the pony tie tail and you should have a fully working hair tie in place!