Introduction: One Hour Pallet Wood Bench

This is an instructable for a simple pallet wood bench that can be completed within an hour.

It also serves as a good foundation to build upon if you are looking for something a little more complex. Add some lumbar support, arm rests or a nice paint job to refine this simple design!

Please enjoy!

Step 1: What You Need:

What you need is simple. A bundle of pallet wood, a saw, some nails and a hammer.

The size of the planks depend on what you can get your hands on and how big you want the bench to be. My planks were each around 100 cm x 11 cm x 3 cm. Simply use my measurements as a guide to complete the project with any size planks.

This is a very inexpensive project since the bench is made entirely from pallet wood. I got a truck load of pallet and barrel wood for around R300 (about 30 USD) from a local business that posted an ad on social media.

I used 8 lengths of pallet wood. I know the photo only shows 7 but I decided to add another one at the end of the project!

Step 2: Cutting the Wood:

Cut two of the lengths of wood into two equal pieces. These will form the legs of the bench.

Cut a third length of wood a little shorter. This will form the support beam of the bench.

Cut two small pieces off the excess piece of wood. These will also form part of the support structure.

Step 3: Assembling the Legs:

Arrange two of the legs on their side. Arrange the support beam on top of the legs.

Nail the support beam to the two legs.

To reduce the risk of the leg structure coming out skew, arrange the legs against a wall when nailing the support beam to them.

Step 4: Reinforcing the Legs:

You will now be working with the small cut offs from the support beam. Align the unused pair of legs with the arrangement in the previous step.

Mark off the location of the support beam on the second set of legs.

Arrange the cut offs on these markings and hammer them to the legs.

The cut offs now offer a way to hammer the second pair of legs to the support beam.

The legs of the bench are now complete.

Step 5: Assembling the Seat:

Allow the legs to stand upright and arrange one of the lengths of wood in the middle of the leg structure.

Hammer the length of wood to the legs. Make sure you use enough nails to make a sturdy seat.

Repeat this step with two other length of wood, leaving about 1 cm between the lengths of wood. Again, make sure that you use enough nails.

The bench is now pretty much done, but it still needs a little extra reinforcement.

Step 6: Reinforcing the Seat:

Nail a length of wood right beneath the seat to the side of the leg structure. This will prevend the seat from buckling under to much weight as well as adding some aesthetic value.

Repeat this step on the other side of the bench.

And viola! You now have a sturdy pallet wood bench! You can lightly sand down the seat to prevent any potential splinters or even give the bench a nice paint job!

Thank you for your time!