Introduction: One Piece Braided Bracelet

This braided bracelet is a great leather project that only uses one piece of leather and is very easy to make. You can make very many different things that involve this braid. You can make a bracelet, a necklace, suspenders and a belt.

Step 1: Materials

For making this simple braclet you won't need much.
1.) You will need a strip of leather that is about 1 inch wide and long enough to fit over your wrist and a little bit more to overlap.
2.) An exto knife and sissies to cut the leather.
3.) A ruler and a pencil/pen to draw the lines you will cut on the leather.

Step 2: Measure Your Wrist

First you need to measure your wrist to accurately make a bracelet. Get your strip and wrap it around your wrist so the extra leather overlaps evenly. Then mark where there is about 1 inch in between the two leather straps. Those marks will be the limit of cutting the leather for the braid.

Step 3: Cut for Braiding

Measure two equal lines in the leather from the two points you measured last step. Then cut the two lines. You will braid these lines. You want to make sure that the cuts aren't longer than your wrist is round otherwise it will be too lose and the brace5let will fall off.

Step 4: Braiding

When you have it cut it is time to braid. Pick an end braid like normal but make the braids really tight. For every two braids you need to take the other and flip it through the middle this is shown in the pictures above. Once you have done a few of the steps and the left over leather strips comes out to be even then you need to spread the braid out evenly to make it look nice. You can make braid as tight as you want but before you spread the braid you need to make sure that it is even on the bottom.

Step 5: Cut the Ends

To be able to connect the bracelet you need to cut holes on the end of the bracelet. These holes need to big enough to fit the other end in. I also rounded the ends to make it look better and for it to fit in the hole easier.

Step 6: Fitting the Ends

Thus is to show how to connect the ends together. First put one end through the bottom of the other. With the hole of the first one you stick through put it over the other end make sure it is over the end securely. Then pull and make it tight. This hold will last for a long time if not messed with.

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