Introduction: One Piece Holder for Used Dog Poop Bags

Stop carrying full dog poop bags in your hands during your walks!

Stop looking for someone else's trash can to put your dog poop bags into!

Here's a quick and easy holder for full dog poop bags made with one piece of scrap neoprene.

I was looking for a holder for full dog poop bags so I wouldn't always have to carry the bags in my hands. Trying to walk two dogs and pick up poop while holding an already used bag (because they never go at the same time - or sometimes multiple times on one walk!) was just becoming frustrating. And in the colder months I wanted to put my free hand in my warm pocket. I found some holders online that cost between $6 and $9 for a little piece of rubber or plastic that had mixed reviews and comments that they broke after a few uses or the bags fell out easily.

I had some scrap neoprene left over from another project and made a holder. It has lasted 3 months with no tears in the material. This second one I made for this Instructable is 3 inches longer than the first because I wanted it to hang even further away from my hands during our walks.

Because neoprene is stretchy and strong I can put a few bags in it during one walk. So far I have put up to 4 bags in and the hole hasn't stretched or torn.

Step 1: Supplies

Scrap neoprene at least 3" x 7"-10" or even longer (it can probably be narrower than this but I wanted to give the hole space to stretch or tear without tearing all the way to the edge if it ever happens)

Sharp scissors

Chalk for marking the neoprene (optional)

Ruler (optional)

3" diameter object to trace (optional)

Step 2: Trace Design

I used a barbell shape.

This is easily drawn out by connecting two circles with two lines.

This can be freehand drawn if you don't have anything to trace.

In the middle of each end circles mark a small line for a slit.

Step 3: Cut

Cut out your shape.

Fold the end circles in half and carefully cut a small slit.

Start small. You can always cut it a little a larger if needed but the neoprene is stretchy so the hole doesn't have to be very big. Only cut a slit not a round hole, it'll be too big and the bags will fall out.

Step 4: ​Attach to Leash Handle

Fold the holder over the leash and push one end through the slit at the opposite end and pull all the way through until it is tight around the leash handle.

Step 5: ​Attach Used Bag

After using your poop bag, knot it tightly and push the knot through the slit at the end of the holder.

Now you can walk with your hands free of carrying bags of poop!

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