Introduction: One Piece Snail USB Key

This is for the USB contest as well as for myself. Being an otaku (someone who likes Japanese animation and comics), I chose to make this cute snail from the anime I'm currently obssessing over (and yes, I've watched Naruto, and some Bleach but haven't gotten to Soul Eater or Fairy Tale). To those who watch/ read One Piece , this is  a phone snail used by the World Government. No matter how many there are of them, each snail is unique in the anime and so I made mine a little different from a regular USB snail or a snail itself, for that matter.

Materials Required:
- Sissors
- Some kind of paint (to decorate) 
- Paintbrush (unless you spray-paint it)
- Measuring taple (preferrably round)
- Cutting instrument
- USB key
- Ruler
- Cardboard
- Glue (I just used hot-glue)
- Clay
- Googly eyes
- Velcro strips
*Note: Some of the supplies aren't on the picture because I didn't realize I needed it (like a ruler) until I was actually making the snail.

Step 1: Making the Body

On a small strip of cardboard, place the clay onto it (as well as the tape measurer and make sure the tape is on the clay) then cut along the edges of the clay to make it look like a snail. Use a small ball of clay and flatten it slightly to make the head. With three small pieces of clay, make the two eyes and the tail.

Step 2: The Googly Eyes

Sorry that this is such a fuzzy picture. Basically glue the eyes to the clay (you might have to wait for the clay to dry though).

Step 3: Painting the Body

Sorry, I don't have a picture of when I had just painted the body so no, we haven't made the phone yet. You can choose any design you want for your snail, I just went with two simple stripes.

Step 4: The Camera

Okay, this is the hard part and you have to be patient. You have to draw an outline for the box but you should use your USB as a guideline then cut it out. Next, take the pieces and glue them together into a prism. Place the USB inside of it, and you're finished with the phone! ^^

Step 5: You're Done! CONGRATS~! :)

Attach the camera to the end of the tape (measurer) with some sort of a glue. If it won't stand up straight, try using velcro. Afterwards, glue the "shell" to the clay. Just draw or make a face on the snail and you're done! :D

It was really fun making this project because it was really hands on. It's my second Instructable so I'm really inexperienced with these sorts of things. I hope you will have as much I did making this! Kawaii desu ne? (Isn't it cute?) Go One Piece~!

Oh, and vote for me please! Arigatou gozamiasu~! (Thank you!)
~ Shinigami-san

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