Introduction: One Station Press for Screen Printing

I star to screenprint at home and i need something to put the screen while the printing procces, so i decided to made this one station press printing

Step 1: Idea and Materials

The first i do was looking some information and i founded this plan that was very easy to follow

so then i pick some old wood that i had at home and take mesures, the white board is a kind of cardboard that i use before made the press so i decided to take as reference.

the others tools that i used was a drill, circular saw,hammer, screwdriver and some screws and nails to hold the board

Step 2: Cut It All

The next thing i do was cut all the tables follow the reference and the plan that i put before

Step 3: Assamble

First i put the t-shirt board on the base board and made a mark at the end, to know where to put the the piece of 40 centimeter to set in position i used a 90 degree clamp and them screwed to the base board, and then i did the same with the 30 centimeters piece,made sure that one go in the middle of the first one.

Them took the t-shirt board and put over aligned to the edge of the 40 cm piece, to do that i used some nails to do that, put the second piece of 40 cm next to the first one so you can put a hinge in this one, screw a third piece of wood 50 cms so with a c clamp you can place your screen, and that is.

lately i would like to make a upgrade so i can use smaller screens.

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