One-Step Travel Cash Security




Introduction: One-Step Travel Cash Security

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This was inspired by a pair of pants with a small pocket inside the waist and panhandlers.  You can use it wherever and turn out all your pockets to show you're not carrying anything!  (Not that they'd get anything from me anyway.)

Step 1: Tell Me More!

Ingredients:  A small binder clip.

Clip your stuff together (cash, credit cards) and clip it to the inside of your waistband like so.

Shirt tucked in for modesty.  No need to offend/excite anyone.  If you use this with your shirt tucked in, a belt helps to hide the silver ear tab things.  With an untucked shirt, it's invisible.

Step 2: Other Thoughts

It's not uncomfortable to wear around, unless your pants hang low on your hips.  In that case, the cash might get pushed around when you sit, &C. 

Be careful untucking your shirt or taking off your pants for a #2.  You don't want to lose your Qdoba card.  See picture

The binder clip will scratch your credit cards.  For what it's worth.

Don't forget to take it off before you go through airport security!

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    Meh. As a woman, i just stick everything in my bra when i'm traveling.


    12 years ago on Step 2

    you'll want to wear undies too. a CC stuck to your skin and that metal clip could really do a number...


    12 years ago on Introduction

    sorry man but i was kinda looking for like a real sweet tricked out one but yeah yours is alright.