Introduction: One Way You Can Think of Art Ideas

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Anyone can create amazing art, with an amazing idea.

Lots of times I have no idea what to draw. I try to think of a cool and interesting idea, but when I don't succeed, I end up giving up. Finally, I found the way that I can think of ideas. In this instructable, I will be showing a way you can think of ideas for drawings and paintings. I hope that this can be helpful to you!


- paper

- something to write with

- your own creative brain

Step 1: Write Down All Your Words

Firstly, start by thinking of anything, literally anything! It may be a spoon you see on a kitchen counter or a dog walking past you. Now jot them all down on a piece of paper. Without giving a second thought write them all down from one word to another. Keep writing without stopping for a minute or two. In the end, you may end up with a variety of words, opposite words, weird and questionable ones.

Step 2: Circle Your Favorite Words

If you have a lot of words (more than 20) start circling the words that speak out to you, the ones that are inspiring to you. From your word bank start choosing the words and making a list.

Step 3: Sketch an Idea From Your Words

After you have selected a few words, you can start imagining what your art piece is going to look like. Take inspiration from your words.

You can start by imagining a scene. For example, my list had a mountain, lake, and sky. I started to visualize a sky filled with clouds, some mountains, and a lake. You can also have a main character in your drawing if you want. In the lake, I placed a flamingo as the main character. You can go anywhere with your words! And you certainly don't need to follow the ways and steps that I show you here. There is no need to make the drawing as the scenery only, you can make anything you want! Sketch all of your ideas out on a piece of paper, and then make a final copy!

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