Introduction: One Cent VOCALS BOOSTER!!!

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A very simple vocals booster for an ipod, mp3 player, or iphone. It's okay, but not professional grade or anything.

Step 1: First and Only Step

What you will need:

a speaker(if your ipod doesn't have one built in)
a plastic bag

Put the speaker inside of the bag. It doesn't have to be sealed. If you have like an ipod touch or an iphone, you can just put that in and take it out to change the songs. It's pretty simple and i came up with it while day dreaming, so don't expect it to be professional grade. Please rate... it boosts my self confidence... as long as it's a good rate.  

Step 2: Filler

instructables didn't think i had enough pictures. so i added this one. think of it as an added bonus!!!

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Were can you find a "speaker" OR "ziplock bag" for ONE CENT??
    Sorry if I "crushed" your self confidence....but I'm a little confused,
    so I need that "healed" of course :-)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    onestly i never thought of a plastic bag as an amp great idea love how simple it is