Introduction: One Hand Tablet Holder

Here's how to make a cheap band that helps keep your tablet secure when you're holding it with just one hand.


- scissors
- rubber exercise band


- Cut a rectangular piece of the rubber band about as long as the tablet and about 7cm (2.75 inch) wide. This width works well for a 10 inch tablet. The length is not as important since the band streches a lot.

- Cut 1cm slits in the middle on both ends of the band. The slits should be parallel to the short edges and at least 3cm from them. The easiest way to do this is to fold the band in half lengthwise and make a 0.5cm incision at the folded edge.

- Place the band flat on the table, use one hand to hold it in the middle, place a finger through one of the slits and pull towards the short edge. The band should rip, leaving two ears in the corners. Repeat on the other side. Or you could just try cutting the U shape into each of the short edges. The band is very difficult to cut, though, so I think my tearing method is better.

- Tie up the ears into a nice knot (take one ear into each hand and do a regular granny knot, twice). Repeat on the other side.

- Take the tablet and pull the two ends of the band over two opposite corners with the rest of the band passing behind the tablet. Slide your hand in between the tablet and the rubber band and the band will help make sure you don't drop it.

That's it. 

- You don't want the band to be too loose. It should be at least slightly streched even without your hand in place.
- Make sure you have a firm grip on the tablet before trying to remove the band from one of the corners. You don't want your precious tablet to go flying across the room :)
- Freshly purchased exercise bands may emit strong smells and leave fine dusty residue everywhere. Be prepared to suffer for a while. If you have any sewing skills you might try to make the whole band out of cloth, and then replace the middle section with a wide elastic band.