Introduction: One of Chess's Best Opening!

So, you are here to learn about the one of the best openings for chess? The French Defense opening is one of the stronger openings for casual chess players. Now, what is the French Defense? It is where the player using it is black on the chessboard and they are trying to get control of the center of the board. This is usually hard for the black side, considering white side goes first. In this post, we will show you the setup for the French Defense, and from there, we will show you an advance variation of the French Defense.


1. Basic understanding of how the chess pieces move.

2. Chess board(physical or digital)

Step 1: E7 to E6

Now how to make the French Defense work. to start, white is going to move their E2 pawn to E4, this is the most common move for white to make. You are going to counter their move, by moving you E7 pawn to E6.

Step 2: D7 to D5

Now in response to your move, white is going to move their D2 pawn to D4. The move you will make is moving your D7 pawn to D5 adding more to your defense. Now this is the most basic form of the French Defense, but we are going to go on more to show you an advance form of the French Defense.

Step 3: C7 to C5

White is going to start their turn by moving their E4 pawn and move it one up to E5. You will respond by moving your C7 pawn to C5.

Step 4: Knight B8 to C6

White will start by moving their C2 pawn to C3. Now for black, we start using something besides the pawns. you will move your Queen side Knight that is on B8, and move it to C6.

Step 5: Queen D8 to B6

White will respond by moving their own King side Knight from G1 to F3. Black will respond by moving their Queen from D8 to B6.

Step 6: Final

That is the end to the French Defense. From their it is on the player to finish the game how they would like.