Introduction: One of a Kind Custom Mobility Machines for the Disabled!

My Idea!
One of a kind Custom Mobility Machines for the disabled!

I have designed and built all kinds of machines in the past.
I designed machines for Robot Wars and built over 30 electric vehicles and devices. Currently I design and build custom wheelchairs and scooters for the disabled in my spare time. I am able to donate about six of these electric wheelchairs and scooters a year to people who are looking for something different or who cannot afford a one My idea is to use the Jack Daniels prize money to buy several pieces of equipment so I can design and build more custom wheelchairs and devices for the disabled.
Equipment I need below to take my work to the next level!
CNC plasma cutter
Upholstery machine
Small lathe
Small Paint and sandblast booth.
25K would get the equipment I need to move forward with my mission to get more chairs out to people who really need them. I have just designed and built an all-terrain six wheel drive go anywhere wheelchair with independent suspension, this chair will let a disabled person go just about anywhere they want to go at any time without help from anyone else!.
There has been a lot of interest from people in the disabled community about my work and I hope to get my all terrain chair out to them soon People are looking for chairs that reflect their personality and do not want to be seen in some medical looking device. They want to get outdoors and be independent.
They want to have pride in what they are getting around in and be seen as stylish instead of disabled. I hope by building and selling several of these all terrain chairs a year will allow me to keep designing and building one of kind wheelchairs
I want to be able to donate them to people who really need a chair but are unable to afford one I currently have a full time job and do this as a hobby. I would love to help people in wheelchairs full time.
Hopefully with Jack Daniels we could help a lot of deserving handicapped people out there.
I have a website a few tools and am ready to get to work!
Lance Greathouse

52 years old

Jack Daniel's Independence Project Contest

Finalist in the
Jack Daniel's Independence Project Contest