Introduction: One Pot Charcoal Stove

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looking at bodeeen's instructable inspired me to put my version of his chimney up for you.

Step 1: This Is My One Pot Charcoal Stove

  1. when my wife and i go camping i like to get up real early and have a cup of coffee while letting my wife sleep in. i usually set this up the day before so i can just fire it up easily. i have a hot cup of coffee within a half hour. be gentle with me for the picture i tried to paint here.

first things first

this project uses power tools and has sharp metal edges, i will not be responsible for any injuries resulting from anybody trying to make this project and not using common sense. for those of you that don't have common sense and still want to try this, try to remove yourself from the gene pool quickly and painlessly, again...NOT MY FAULT

needed things,

gather all necessary supplies and tools,

1. large metal coffee can

2. round cake pan larger than coffee can

3. drill with various bits to drill holes

4. pliers

5. can/bottle opener (church key)

6. tin snips

7. various screws, nuts, bolts, washers as needed for your version of this project

8. some fairly heavy pieces of stainless steel wire

9. screwdriver with various tips

step 1,

take cake pan and drill 4 holes in bottom eqidistant around pan close to edge

take screws (minimum 1 1/2 inches long), screw nut on about 1/4 inch, add lock washer, put through hole in bottom of cake pan, put washer on screw, put nut on end and tighten as hard as you can. do the same for the other 3 holes. you should now have a cake pan standing on 4 legs somewhere over an inch from the table surface.

step 2,

coffee can.....

take can opener and punch 4 holes equidistant around outside of can.(4 triangle holes on side)

turn can over and punch holes on each side of holes on side of can (8 triangle holes on bottom)

in center of bottom drill a bunch of holes with your largest bit for more ventilation

drill 4 smaller holes close to edge on bottom of can

put coffee can inside of cake pan as close to center as you can, use sharpie to mark small holes you just drilled

drill holes on marks the same size of holes in bottom of coffee can.

step 3.

put washer on screws at lease 1 1/2 inches long, insert through small holes inside of coffee can so they stick out of bottom, put lock washer on then nut, tighten as much as you can, do the same for the other 3 holes.

i put some nuts on screws a little larger than screw as spacers and another nut to hold them all together. you should now have about 1/8 to 1/4 inch of threaded screw visible.

set coffee can upside down on surface, put washer on each screw, turn cake pan upside down over coffee can and insert 4 screws through holes in cake pan, put lock washer on each screw, add nut to each screw and tighten as much as you can.

step 4,

almost done.

the coffee can i have has a small lip around top inside of top edge so i drilled 6 holes in it (3 on one side and 3 on the opposite side) the size of the stainless steel wire.

bend one end of the wire down at 90 degrees, put wire into one hole and mark where other hole is and cut wire about 1/4 inch past mark. bend down 90 degrees. do this for 2 more wires. you now have a grill to help support your pot.

you should now have a 1 burner charcoal stove that will come in handy while camping

now i set device on picnic table, remove wires, put some wads of paper from handy dandy old phone book(really helps starting fires),fill up can with charcoal, replace wires, using match or barbeque lighter i light paper at at least 2 outside holes on outside of coffee can. wait about 5-10 minutes while hoping i don't burn down the table, and put coffee pot on top of can. wait till coffee boils, enjoy

hope you like this and make your own version of this, the cake pan acts as a heat shield to protect the table(i hope)

i can imagine doing this with a bread pan and an 8x8 cake pan like a hibachi grill for small shish kabobs or sausages


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