Introduction: One Smiple Ipod Dock

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So may be some of you remember my Ipod dock that I made a little while back well now I'm making a instructable about it for gunman15 ,and any body else who wanted to know how I made it!

Step 1: You Know Stuff!

OK so yes the list of stuff:
A container or tin for the dock,I used a Altoid tin.
Drill,(With a  small drill pit that will be the size for your speaker hole you will drill many holes)
solder,(With solder Iron)
Ipod cable,(Make sure you have more then one cable one for the dock  and a spare)
Head phone jack,(Like the ones on head phones)
A Marker,

Step 2: Prepare the Tin

OK chose were you want your speaker  in the tin make sure you leave room for other stuff so don't put it in the middle! Unless you have a big tin or container. I put my by a corner. So now that you have found were you want your speaker drill your holes above the spot your puting your speaker. It does not have to be a lot just two or three I drilled my in a slanted line on the tin.

Step 3: Some More Prepareing

So now you have your speaker spot choseing and the holes drilled its time to make way for the Ipod cable and headphone jack! Put your Ipod on your top of  the tin or container put were you want your Ipod to be than out line the bottom of the ipod on to the tin or container then cut that spot out. Oh and also cut a spot on the side of the tin or container the size of the Ipod cable  so its not getting smash when you shut the lid!

Step 4: Speaker

Now for the speaker take your head phones (or if have a jack from something other than head phones) cut the headphone  jack  off of the headphones make sure you have at lest two or one inch of wire so now remove the wires insulation  not all of it just enough to solder to the speaker. After you striped the wires and if thier is fuffly stuff next to the wire take your solder iron and melt that stuff off other wise when you solder the  wires to the speaker your speaker will most likly won't play anything! Ok now plug the jack in to  your ipod  and play a song then touch the wires to the part of the speaker were the wires go see if any music palys out of the speak if not just swich the wires aroun till you hear music then when you have foun wich way the wires go solder them the way they should go!.For more help on the speaker try  this!  Also if you do not know how to solder look at this instructable to show you how!

Step 5: Putting It Together!

 So Now put  your the speaker in your tin or container  were you were going to put it! Now the spot where you cut for the ipod to go you should be able to push the jack and the Ipod cable to gether in that spot and then glue them in that spot you may need to push the jack a little way from the ipod cable. Stick the ipod cable and the jack in to the ipod to seen the right way to put it in.

Step 6: Finish

Now pulg you Ipod cable in to the computer have it docked!Then your done!!

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